Mexico, Tercera Parte : Aerial Views

This is really the second part, continued, because I started having trouble laying the pictures out. Therefore, we will now segue to an ENTIRE GALLERY of pictures from the roof terrace of the air bnb where Jodi and I stayed from Wednesday night until Monday morning. Then she came home to Asheville and I moved in with our friend Susan for the next three days. The roof terraces in SMA are amazing and we had one of the best all to ourselves. It made me feel as if I was completely wasting my roof here in Asheville and in fact have been wasting roofs (rooves?) my whole life. I also have acquired new and intense feelings for concrete: I love it, it’s the best building material, why isn’t everything made of concrete? Why isn’t my house cool and smooth and beautifully colored? My basement is in fact made of concrete and it’s completely horrible, so i suspect climate may have something to do with it. It’s dry in San Miguel. There was a washer/dryer on the roof terrace (YES.) and a clothesline. I hung my clothes out to dry. They dried in about 20 minutes. I have never experienced anything like it.

People keep saying “Oh, but it must have been so hot in Mexico!” It was hot, but it wasn’t any hotter than Asheville, where it is currently 88. It cooled down beautifully at night. I have no idea what the temperature was in SMA,Β  because it was measured in Celsius and, well, you got me. I did a double take every morning when I looked at my iPad and it said 30something and thought briefly about trying to change or google it, but I never bothered. It turns out that when people say, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity,” they’re not entirely lying! I had no idea. I am only used to heat that is essentially like living in a bowl of hot soup. This was heat, but not as I have known it. It was also bright, to a degree that I haven’t previously been acquainted with. Like, I sort of wish I had had eclipse glasses in Mexico.

So! Here are some pictures of SMA from the roof terrace! And here is a panorama from twitter. I wish I had the original – I particularly like the way the clothespins are flying off and becoming birds – but my old phone, alas, did not survive the trip.

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