GALLERY PAGE Day 3 Guanajuato

On our third day in Mexico, we took a bus to Guanajuato, another colonial city about an hour and a half away from San Miguel. It is crazy beautiful there: the architecture, all amazing colors, is just sort of piled on mountains like a giant dropped his toy city box. There are tunnels under the city for the cars that go through canyons lined with houses and ancient stone walls. There is Diego Rivera’s childhood home, now a really lovely little museum with some early Rivera works as well as exhibitions of contemporary Mexican artists. There’s a wood/lino cut print gallery just a few doors down from the museum that is seriously worth your time if you happen to be there. There is a completely wacky wax museum. There are lots of people wandering around in mysterious historic black velvet outfits. There is a 19th century theater that goes all out even for a 19th century theater. And there is a lot more which I didn’t see because one day is one day and it was necessary to devote a significant portion of that to drinking micheladas in the plaza. I really, really hope I get to go back one day. I took a LOT of pictures! Here they are.

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