San Miguel Monday, Day Five

Only two more days to go! I actually spent most of Monday in bed being exhausted so I’m surprised that I managed to get all these pictures in. I moved Monday morning to my friend Susan’s palatial guest room and then I just collapsed, reviving only in the evening. I think I had a touch of heat exhaustion or maybe altitude sickness or, hell, I don’t know, sometimes I just collapse. But I did manage to take a number of shots from her amazing roof terrace and then of the sunset.

So things in Asheville are moving rapidly now and this blog will very soon be mobile again. I bought a trailer. I’m picking it up on Thursday. And in slightly less than three weeks, I’m moving out of this house and into that trailer. My son is moving out this week. My friend whose company I rented the house to is moving in as I move out. And all in all I’m kind of frazzled. So let us look back to the halcyon days of yore three weeks ago when I was in San Miguel.


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