San Miguel Tuesday, Day Six (August 15)

I am rushing now to get these pictures edited and resized and up on this blog. And I’m trying to remember just what I did every single day, which is proving. . . more difficult than I thought it would. I have to take better notes. I’m not entirely sure that I want the memories back that the wine of years has washed away (I am pretty much very glad I had the wine, honestly) but I liked it a bit better when I felt like it was my choice to lose them. So from now on I will take better notes and be a bit more timely. Which is going to be easier! Since I will be sitting in a Wal Mart parking lot somewhere in Kentucky not knowing what the fuck else to do! Hee. That’s the worst case scenario and honestly, I’ve been in Asheville so long that even a Kentucky wal mart sounds more glamourous than an Asheville one.

Anyway! On my second to last day in San Miguel, which was a Tuesday, Susan and I got a lot done. We went to the mercado and found out that my phone was unfixable. We made a reservation for me on the Bahiago shuttle to the Queretaro airport on Thursday at the crack of dawn. We had breakfast at a lovely, lovely little cafe with a bubbling fountain half filled with roses. I went to the Mercado des Artesanias for my final trip (note from future me: you did not buy enough, fool. Next time, if there is a next time, just BUY ALL THE THINGS.) And it was another stunningly beautiful day in San Miguel.


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