One Last San Miguel Gallery: Film!

I learned a lot about photography on this trip. For example, I learned that ONLY A FUCKING IDIOT would use an old UV filter that she’d never used before ON THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME JESUS FELICITY YOU IDIOT. I also learned that this same exact moron SHOULD MAYBE NOT USE WEIRDASS FILM THAT SHE’S NEVER USED BEFORE and then when she develops it? She should NOT put two different kinds of film in the same canister, sorta split the difference in developing time and hope for the best. ARGH! In other words, prepare for some blurry damn pictures with weird splotches on them.

Which, to be honest, is what I actually like, so the artsy part of me is quite happy. The weirdness makes it art! It’s art now! The part of me, however, that secretly yearns to actually be a National Geographic photographer dictated the first paragraph. Anyway! Let us start out with some fabulous weirdness from the Holga!

And now, a color burst from the Lomo fisheye. I love this little plastic camera with all my heart, it just never fails to come up with the best shots. And, mixed in because I cannot get it to give me another gallery (what my blog has in common with the art world) we have some of the black and white completely analog I developed it my very own self shots from my beloved Praktica. Those would be the ones with the splotches and the blur. I may add some later if I succeed in making a negative scanner out of reflective poster board, which I am totally going to do. . . uh. . someday. Soon. Meanwhile, enjoy some film!



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