It Did Not, In Fact, Happen Tomorrow

A friend writes: “On the road? Enquiring minds want to know.”

HAHA. . ha. . . ha god no of course not.

The refrigerator is not, after all, fixed. And I drank too much wine last night after family drama and as a consequence wasn’t moving very fast today and, and, I have no excuse except the refrigerator, which is a good one. The point of having this expensive camper thing (along with the comfy bed) is not having to fish soggy chunks of miserable cheese out of disgusting water, right? Or end up throwing your eggs away because you’ve lost track of how many times they’ve been cold, then hot, then cold, then hot. Or, well, DARLING, have you ever TRIED warm Pinot Grigio? It is not to be borne. I am a whiny demanding special snowflake and I want my goddamn refrigerator on wheels. Along with my comfy bed, which now has a memory foam topper, even.

So anyway, the refrigerator fan, which was supposedly not really burnt out, is in fact burnt out and will have to be replaced. Which will hopefully not take too long. A couple of days, to be precise. Very precise, yes. Maybe Tuesday. Hoping for Tuesday.TUESDAY! OH TUESDAY! please let it be tuesday.

Naturally, there is a hurricane heading on the exact path I was planning to take. It will probably arrive on Tuesday. OF COURSE THERE IS.

Meanwhile, as we lurch from disaster to disaster here in the casa de disenchantment, enjoy these two street festival photos taken at the newly revived yet still a bit undead and not as much fun as it used to be when I myself was younger and, granted, more fun, LAAF on September 1.

AND AS A BONUS, enjoy these striking color film Holga images taken in Virginia Beach last summer. Actually I took them for Holga Week, which, as you might imagine, is a week in which weirdos like me who enjoy toy cameras, celebrate the strange glory of Holgas. But naturally I forgot about them and didn’t get them developed in time to reap the no doubt fame and fortune that were awaiting me had I gotten them up on the Holga week website in time. So instead months later, they go here. BUT, better late than never and even if things were unintended, they are still cool!

THERE IS A METAPHOR IN THAT PARAGRAPH, YO. and let us all take comfort from it.



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