Lake Lowndes State Park, Mississippi

Sunday, October 15i

I had trouble hitching up the camper again. A very nice man helped me – of course he did. Thank gods for these nice older camper dudes. I would be so totally lost without them. He helped me roll the awning up too, because of course I couldn’t figure out how to do that either. Unfortunately, neither of us could get the hitch to latch onto the ball properly. This is alarming. I thought the damn thing was fixed. We moved it about hither and yon and even tried jacking the truck up higher until suddenly, it popped into place. You really can tell when it’s good and on there, which is fortunate, and, department of silver linings, it may have been a good thing after all that it came off on my very first expedition. Now I know what it feels like when it’s not on, so, good. At least I tell myself that and hope. Then it porpoised badly again today but, hey, the hitch held and the roads were lovely, mostly deserted, at least a little scenic and generally relaxing. The porpoising I think I can fix – it needs weight in the front and not in the rear (don’t we all?) So I have to fill up the water tank before I leave here tomorrow. The water at Tannehill was horrible, which is fitting for an old ironworks I suppose.

Anyway! I drove about 100 miles. 100 miles is perfect. I love driving 100 miles. If only I could get anywhere driving 100 miles a day. But, alas, I can’t. I need to up my game. But fuck it, because now I am camped by a completely beautiful and bucolic lake in, um, somewhere Mississippi near the Alabama border and I am so relaxed it’s a little ridiculous. I have seen an egret and several ducks and something large and swooping like an osprey if ospreys hang out near fresh water. Perhaps they do! I have no internet of course. This lack of internet is an issue, or at least if I was less relaxed I might think it was an issue. But I don’t actually care! This is a stylin’ campground with full hookups, picnic tables, grills and firepits. Thus I grilled zucchini and a veggie burger and dined like a queen.

Everything would be perfect EXCEPT (there is always an except) the AC started raining in the camper. It was fucking hot today and the camper was basically an oven, so I cranked the AC up as soon as I got in and hooked up. Then I sat here in the blessed cool and had a glass of wine and wrote a little bit and all was well until the rain drops began pattering gently on my legs. Just never a good thing when you’re indoors! So I have turned off the AC and it has stopped raining. Fortunately it has cooled off significantly and a storm seems to be rolling in. That will be exciting! All the way here I kept seeing signs for storm shelters. I must be in tornado alley, now and for the foreseeable future. Well. I have no downstairs bathroom, no concrete walls and, perhaps even more worrisome, no phone bars unless I stand on the picnic table. So, uh, if there’s a tornado or big storm I will have no warning and thus suppose I’m fucked. Oh well! It may all be worth it for the relaxed.

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