Lake City, Colorado

2017-11-01 18.30.27
Lake City Resident Enjoying Cocktail Hour

October 30 – November 4

I am in Lake City, Colorado visiting some old friends! We all used to live in Baltimore, actually, back in the days when, well, let’s just say it was a long, a looooong time ago.  We were extremely cool (and fabulously good looking) in an extremely cool time period – 80s and 90s REPRESENT. And we still are! But I moved to Asheville and they moved to . . Lake City, Colorado. And now, finally, I am visiting! It is crazily beautiful here, like, so crazily beautiful that you can’t quite believe it and keep thinking, Colorado, stop, enough already, you are laying the scenery on too thick here, this must be a movie set. But no, it actually looks like this. And there is actually snow. Well, fortunately, just a little snow.


The lake isn’t actually tilted but the ground on which the photographer was standing? Definitely tilted.



I spent the night in Albuquerque at the Sam’s Club and it went fine. The next day I dropped Amelia off at a very nice repair place – basically, she’s at the RV Spa – and got on the road to come up here. It was a long and winding and wow, did I mention long and winding and HOLY SHIT THERE IS SNOW AND I AM ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN HERE road. It is one of two roads that lead into Lake City and honestly I cannot quite believe that there is a town here because how did anyone ever find it? But there is and it is  a pretty cool town at that as you can see from the image at the very top which shows a local resident enjoying the social scene.

That was tongue in cheek. My friends own a gallery / shop downtown and they had a Halloween party which I attended and I can attest that there is in fact a vibrant and fun social scene in this small town. I had a great time as well as my fair share of hot buttered rum, whoo. Also I carved two fairly inept pumpkins and managed to give away the Halloween lights I have been lugging around since Tannehill. And the costumes were great!

Anyway, I got here on Monday evening and we had a lovely reunion time where my friends told me all about the local bears who like to break into cars and so we took all the food out of the truck. Then they showed me pictures of bears and the mountain lion that lives near their house and the scratches in the woodwork from that time the bear got into the living room and I was all, ye gods. Driving bears! Lions! Moose! What have I done? Where have I landed? Yes, it is terrifying here but recently nobody has been eaten, so all good. Except a fish!

We went fishing yesterday and more fishing is promised for today! I am very excited because I like fishing but somehow never get around to doing any. I hadn’t fished in years and my mad fishing skills have not improved. On the other hand they haven’t deteriorated either, so all good: I’m excellent at fishing by which I mean standing happily by a river ineptly casting wildly at bushes and places that are not where any self respecting fish would ever be found. I am absolutely terrible at catching fish. I did catch some slime, several branches and a couple of rocks, though. However, my friend Schuyler did catch a fish – he apparently is out there catching fish, like, every day, so possibly the reason I didn’t catch one is that he has already caught them all. Entirely possible! It had nothing to do with my technique!

We also went for a drive and a couple of short walks way up in the mountains and around the lake – Lake San Cristobal for the geographically minded and also second largest naturally created lake in the state of Colorado, do not let anyone tell you that this blog is not educational – and it was just, jaw droppingly, amazingly, mind blowingly beautiful. It is kind of overwhelming, like, where are your post industrial collapse ruins? Aren’t you lonely without decaying infrastructure and menacing neon lights? Yet they seem to be coping okay here. And I am having a FANTASTIC TIME. They keep feeding me incredible food and making delicious drinks and the house is so beautiful and Jane the dog is one of the Best. Dogs. Ever. and I may never leave. I never quite believed that they had moved somewhere this remote and then liked it but now that I have been here? Oh man. I can see it.

2017-11-01 18.01.29(1)
We had this fish for breakfast and it was DELICIOUS.



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