Today was annoying. I am in Santa Fe, which is not at all annoying; it’s a lovely city, or at least the parts of it I have seen are pretty cool. The problem is that I haven’t seen enough of them because of a) laziness and inertia and b) trying to get some basic business type things done. I spent several hours this morning on the phone with my bank, which is a very small local bank in Asheville, in fact it is Asheville Savings Bank. They only have, like, 5 branches and so they are not up to date on some of the newfangled things the kids are doing these days, like allowing one to just willy nilly spend one’s own money here and there. Granted that I am the person who packed her checkbook in the bottom of a box at the bottom of a stack of boxes in the bottom of her garage so the fault is all shared. Nevertheless it was annoying, as phone tag is always annoying. Then I decided to pull the awning out and BAM immediately part of the metal thing that holds it together broke in half. That was annoying and the mobile RV guy who didn’t show up after multiple phone calls back and forth was also annoying. And yesterday I had to do laundry and that was annoying and I dithered and puttered about and got nothing accomplished and BLEARGH sometimes it is difficult not to be traveling!

It turns out that when I stay in one place I start to miss my animals and family and friends. It also turns out that when I stay in one place and thus don’t have to constantly ruthlessly prep Amelia for travel my natural bad tendencies towards clutter and dirt get amplified. Actually you know there are hoarders who live in RVs? It’s true! There are! I have seen them now and while it does kind of boggle the mind my immediate response is dude, respect. That takes dedication. When your RV has hoardy stuff ballooning out of it AND you have a trailer or two that is also clearly full of stuff that you’re towing behind your RV? Damn.

Striped New Mexico landscape, just like Georgia saw.

ANYWAY! Let me move on! Santa Fe! You are cool but I think I’m too old to live in a city. Not to mention that I am coming to the unhappy realization that the Southwest probably does not need any more middleaged white ladies with artistic pretensions. This is a pity because I still think I want to live here and BATHE IN THIS CRAZY LIGHT every day forever. I went to the Georgia O’Keeffe museum yesterday and it was AMAZING. I never thought of myself as a particularly dedicated GOK fangirl but spending a couple of hours surrounded by her paintings may have changed my mind. Damn but she was an amazing painter and her work was so very strongly influenced by photography, specifically by black and white darkroom photography that it just blew me away. I kept going way up close to the paintings and just staring at the lines and edges and the places she’s put shadows because that is where there would be a shadow on a silver gelatin print and being all like, HOLY SHIT I AM IN THE KNOW NOW. It was great.And she was also into stripes!

All I can hear is Paul Westerberg singing about Mr. Rabbit.

After that I was going to wander around downtown Santa Fe but it was getting dark and then it started raining and so back to the RV park I came. It rained hard all night and I wanted to get out and about but, see first paragraph, I didn’t, for hours. Then I went to the International Folk Art Museum, which several people had recommended and I. . . um. Sort of liked and sort of really didn’t. For one thing it is a doll museum more than anything and dolls are, well, kind of creepy en masse.ย  I was halfway through the last gallery when I started thinking, what happens at night in here? What if they all start. . dancing? Or laughing. And then I went around the corner and discovered the cases of masks.

Thus I decamped at speed from the international folk dolls only to discover that the Botanical Gardens, which are across the street and which I was really looking forward to, are closed this time of year except for a few short hours. Not only were they closed, but they are not free! They are in fact $10 and bah, plus, then the RV people kept calling and etc., etc.,


I never met ravens before. We don’t have them in the East or if we do, they keep way more to themselves. But here in New Mexico there are ravens everywhere and they are completely unafraid of people. They fly right over my head making this tremendous whooosh noise and they sit on trees and buildings and Amelia and say GRONK at me and i adore them. I love crows and ravens are like super crows, exponential crows. They are the best. I am thrilled to finally have real ravens in my life. New Mexico: light and ravens. It’s a hard combination to beat. I might move here yet.

Taos Pueblo Ravens although actually these guys might be crows, they were kind of far away. Still! Aren’t they amazing?
Taos ravens don’t give a shit!

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