Santa Fe

The cathedral by the plaza downtown. Everything is adobe and everything is beautiful.

I am still in Santa Fe and that would be awesome, because I really like it here, except that there is just one big problem with venturing out of the woods and into civilization: civilization has germs. Damn germs! Some germ has me in its grip and so while I was going to leave tomorrow and head sort of backwards but not really for an absolutely necessary investigative trip to Roswell, I think now that the chances of that are sadly slim. I think I will probably stay right here and sniffle and sleep and eat soup. Boo.

Gronk fleeing the paparazzi.

Fortunately this is a really nice RV park that I heartily recommend. They give a lot of discounts and it’s super conveniently located as well as having good wifi, which, I confess, I’m mostly using to catch up with Poldark. It also has a resident raven who I call, with a stunning lack of originality, Gronk, and an arroyo behind the campground. I never knew what an arroyo was before but now I do: it is a dry streambed made of sand and rocks that fills up with water when there is flooding but in the meantime is mostly dry and thus, as the lady at the Botanical Garden told me this morning, is used as a sort of highway by wildlife and people. I cannot for the life of me pronounce it but I like to keep on trying.

Arroyo! I added the crystal ball.

Anyway, before I started feeling gruesome I went to Meow Wolf and it was just as amazing, no, more amazing, than I thought it might be. Some years ago a good friend and art museum coworker and I dreamed up a dream museum that we were going to build in Asheville. It would have all the elements so common to dreams: tunnels, collapsing ladders, mysterious portals, sudden changes in environment, the works. We never built it but, well, here it is in Santa Fe and it’s been done so well I don’t even mind that they made it instead of us. (It is odd, though, the way ideas float around in the collective subconscious until somebody finally realizes them.) They probably did it better than we would have. So what is it, exactly? A dreamscape? A collaborative art project? A children’s museum? A hands on, immersive, interactive installation? It’s all of these and more. It’s . . . oh hell, it’s amazing. You had better come and see for yourself. I have some pictures up on instagram but they do not do it justice. Like the revolution, Meow Wolf will not be televised – or photographed. It just sort of is and I highly recommend that you drop whatever you are doing right now, book passage to Santa Fe and purchase a ticket. You will not be disappointed.


Plaza! It is very much like El Jardin in San Miguel. This part of it is a sort of sidewalk handmade market with mostly Native vendors. I may have to go back for those earrings. . .

Santa Fe also has a plaza that befits a Spanish colonial city: it’s very much like being back in San Miguel de Allende or Guanajuato. I was told that it should not be compared to Mexico because it’s SPANISH but oddly enough, this is the same sort of thing they say in San Miguel. It’s beautiful is what it is and lined with shops that run the gamut from tourist schlock (no, you bought chile pepper socks) to shops so fancy that if you have to ask what it costs you can’t afford it. They won’t even speak to the likes of me. What IS that anyway? It is impressive, they way they know at one glance that I ‘m not actually going to buy anything. Maybe I shouldn’t have fixed my $20 purse with orange parachute twine.


I went to several photography galleries as well, including one near the Georgia O’Keeffe museum that might as well be a museum itself. That was lovely and made me feel suitably small but, hey, who cares, I also went to a great camera shop (they have a cat! The guy at the counter was super nice!) and purchased a used wide angle lens – you see it at work above. It was not what I went in for but what the hell, I got a good deal and I like it. And, in the last week, my friends from Colorado came in, I made soup, drank too much wine, we went to Meow Wolf together and it was super fun. Then, last night, I went out to dinner with some internet friends. So I have been very social and thus no doubt what is promising to turn into a really nasty cold – I’m still in the I feel like shit but my nose is sort of working stage – is well deserved. People! Crawling with microbes! But they sell such lovely socks and show such amazing art, what can one do.

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