Gallery! More Film from the Journey

I sent off a roll of tri-x from the Praktica and a roll of color 120 from the Holga to The Darkroom.  I wish I could do them myself, but, there are certain technical difficulties in my way here. Eventually I will print a lot of the black and white ones at least myself! Or I hope I will anyway. But the Darkroom does a good job; throw a little business their way if that is your thing. They scan and upload them and send me a link and then I download the scans and maybe just maybe tweak them a tiny bit in lightroom – they’re usually a little underexposed, I think. Anyway, here are those two rolls! I do not edit these much if at all, and this, barring a couple of complete mishaps and dupes, is everything that was on those two rolls. They range from Bedrock and the Grand Canyon in the end of November through Joshua Tree and Las Vegas in early December and then to Morro Bay in early January. I am super pleased with some of them! Less so with others! But that is always the way! For camera nerds the black and white roll was 400 ISO kodak triX, shot with a 1983 Praktica MTL5 all manual camera with a Pentacon 50 mm 1.8 lens. The color roll, which I think was also Kodak, was probably 100 ISO and it was shot with a Holga 120N in all its glory and the requisite amount of duct tape holding the thing together (I like the stuff with galaxies on it.)

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