Gallery! Joshua Tree National Park

I’m pretty happy with these. They look sort of like someone slipped the camera a dose or two of LSD, which is exactly how Joshua Tree does indeed look. I didn’t quite realize just how damn hallucinogenic it was until I got around to going through and editing the pictures some two months later. I’m also kind of really surprised and interested by how much they look like marine life. I’ve been spending a lot of time peering into tide pools lately and I look at some of these Joshua Tree pictures and it’s like, did I take that last week? Under water? Or what? Now I want to put them all up together and in a few months, I hope to do just that! As always if you click on one of these in just the right way – I have no damn idea what way that is, two clicks? One? Just keep trying and it will work, I swear – it will become a handy slide show and you can look at them in a larger and more attractive format. Whooo! Now remember, these are for sale. For, like, $40 for a small 8 x 12 print and going up about $10 for every size thereafter. So cheap! So easy! So cool! Support the arts, is what I’m saying, and more specifically, support me and the fine work Amelia, Moby and I are doing here at the Mobile Hermitage.


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