Metafilter Meetup

So as you may well know, or may not, I’ve been a member of a community weblog called Metafilter for oh god way too many years now. And through those years I have made a lot of really good friends, many of whom have morphed into real life friends who I spend actual outside the computer time with. This isn’t uncommon nowadays, of course, but it was considered sort of weird back in the day. ANYWAY! Last Saturday I met up with a few of my fellow mefites and we all went out to a couple of places – notably the St. John’s Beer Porch, which is my new favorite place IN THE WORLD because it is a great bar in a tent surrounded by amazing food trucks. And we went to another bar called Leisure but by that time I was already well on the way to shitfaced so I have no major opinions on it. I took a few pictures and I was going to put them up on Dropbox to share with other mefites but then somehow late on Saturday night or early Sunday morning as I was drunkenly attempting this oh so complex feat my browser got hijacked. I don’t know what the hell happened exactly but it has taken me this long to get everything up and running again and now I have lost all my Firefox bookmarks and BLAH, BOO. In the process of this I also discovered that Dropbox no longer lets you create public folders, which is a major drag, although clearly not that major or I would have noticed the change in the, uh, year since they eliminated this option. And all this is just a long winded way of saying HERE ARE THE PICTURES FROM THE SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24 PORTLAND METAFILTER MEETUP and if you have never heard of Metafilter you might want to check it out and you might even find you like it and want to pony up $5 to become a member like me. We are good, smart, knowledgeable, contentious, progressive people who can overthink ANYTHING and often be crazy entertaining in the process. As you can see.

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