Gallery! Los Angeles

There are a LOT of pictures here! As usual if you click the right way – don’t ask me what that is, I just know it works – you can turn them into a slide show. I was there for ten days, after all – and in the immortal words of I forget who the hell it was, John Lennon, so this was Christmas. There is some nice stuff in here, particularly if you are into sunsets and oceans and who is not? A lady asked me the other day what the most surprising place was that I have visited and my answer was Los Angeles. I really did not go in expecting to like it. I thought it was a vast cultural wasteland full of insipid tan people. But instead I found a vibrant city full of art and flowers and I really, really liked it a lot. So here is my LA; I hope you enjoy it as well!

As always any of these can be purchased in print form for tiny, token sums of money that you will hardly miss. Email me and we will work out the deets.

I am uploading these from 3 Cups Coffee in Astoria, Oregon, by the way, so mad props for their excellent coffee and wifi!


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