All Good Things. . .

May 2, 2018
Hungry Mother State Park, in Virginia but not too far from Bristol, Tennessee

I am interrupting our regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you this news: this is it. This is the last night of the Mobile Hermitage. Not the blog – I’m going to keep that up for a while anyway and add at least the last couple weeks to it – and then we shall see – but the Hermitage itself is closing up shop.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be back in my house in Asheville and Amelia will be in front of my house until I decide where to put her on a more permanent basis and Moby will resume his duties as a truck about town.

I am freaking out!

I haven’t seen my family or my dogs or my cat or my friends or my house for SEVEN MONTHS. It has been one hell of a journey and now?

It’s over.

I have no idea what I’m going to do next! I don’t even know how I’m going to react to being back at home! All kinds of things will be different! For one thing my pets probably think I’m dead, so my resurrection is going to kind of blow their minds. For another I need to find a job of some sort rather soonish, so that’s an adventure. For a third or fourth, I am probably going to sell my house and move far away from Asheville.

But as of right now, everything is up in the air and I don’t know anything at all, except that I am just full of a whole sea of mixed up feelings. Emotions! I have them! All of them! Damn!

So here I am at Hungry Mother for one last night in a state park and one last hike in the woods before I return to reality. I have been driving up and down I-81 for my entire life – no, I really have – but I have never stopped at Hungry Mother before. I have always seen the signs. I have always commented on the signs! My children used to comment on the signs! But we never stopped, because it’s honestly not all that far from Asheville: too close, I always said, to stop. But now, since this may actually be my last time driving up and down I-81 (one can hope: I fucking HATE I-81 and it’s only getting worse) I decided to stop here. It seems nice. The campground is really small. The gifte shoppe was good. The camp hosts are a little over enthusiastic. And in about half an hour when it hopefully cools off a tad (from snow to heat in three crazy weeks) I am going for a nice long hike to check it all out.

So anyway. I want to thank all of you for reading this, for looking at the pictures, for being around and putting up with my weirdness. I honestly appreciate your presence.

And for those of you who have tossed some cash into the coffee jar, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I know I never sent out thank you notes! I am a horrible person about thank you notes! But I did get it and it is deeply, deeply appreciated!

And now? Onwards, to Asheville and beyond. New adventures! New worlds! New pictures! There’s a whole lot of stuff I have yet to do and see! And I hope I can share it with you.


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