Gallery! Elephant Seals!

Okay this is ALL ELEPHANT SEALS. OMG! Cute and terrifying! Huge and glorious! And there are BABIES. These are wild elephant seals from the Elephant Seal Sanctuary in San Simeon, California, where I was in January. The Elephant Seal Sanctuary is just some coastline with a bit of a boardwalk and a fence and several helpful signs explaining that if you go down onto the beach with the seals YOU WILL DIE SO MAYBE DON’T DO THAT OKAY? This is something I really like about the West Coast – their warning signs don’t fuck around. East Coast warning signs are something like, “Danger! Jellyfish have been spotted! Be super careful! Authorities have been notified and are on their way! Perhaps it’s a good time to tell the nanny to go back to the beach house and mix a pitcher of martinis!” while West Coast signs are more like “There are DEATH WAVES AND KILLER WHALES HERE if you go swimming YOU WILL DIE AND WE WON’T CARE TOUGH SHIT”

At any rate, enjoy these elephant seals! If you would like to purchase a print or a card or anything, I am getting some made for THE SHOW I AM HAVING AT THE MALVERN IN ASHEVILLE IN JULY (it is opening I think on or around June 28 and will be up for about six weeks, so if you are going to be in WNC please stop by!) Anyway let me know and I will let you know prices, etc AND! Half of the cost of every print sold will go to the Elephant Seal Sanctuary so they can keep up the good scary sign work and all the other things they do to help marine mammals, because even if you weigh 6000 pounds you can still always use a helping hand.

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