Gallery! May 30, 2018 Asheville NC Floods

We interrupt our regularly scheduled leisurely posting of photos from the Great Journey To The West to bring you actual sort of breaking sort of news. I went out this morning and took some pictures around my neighborhood and town. Asheville is flooding again! Now, Asheville, or parts of Asheville, flood on the regular, it is true, but this is a bit more than the usual 3 inches of water on Swannanoa River Road spring and fall floods. This is quite a bit more like the 2004 floods, which were triggered by not one but two hurricanes in a row. This flooding is also coming from a hurricane, Alberto, and also because before Alberto even got here it had been raining for days. The 2004 floods were a “100 year event” but hey it has been 14 years and, um, this is all a bit familiar for the tiny subset of us who were actually living here then and are still here now. Climate change! It is more than just an alliterative catchword and floods are going to happen more than every 100 years. Perhaps we ought not to be so goddamned dedicated to building more and more and more mcmansions on our steep and once forested slopes. Oh hey but then how could the Florida investors make bank off their giant new airbnbs?

Sorry. I grow bitter. No, actually, I have been bitter and nothing I’ve seen lately has sweetened me up. But I will say that thanks to Riverlink and their ceaseless dedication to parks, it doesn’t look as if the flooding on Amboy is going to get as bad as it did in 04, when I took pictures of ducks swimming among the mostly submerged gas pumps.

Anyhow, here are some images! Be amazed! Keep in mind that I never claimed to be a good documentary photojournalist! I get too entranced with reflections and stuff for that. Floods can be beautiful too. And each photo should have an actual description so you know where it is, whoo tech!

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