Asheville To Katy Roundhouse

Monday, October 1, 2018

Day Five

One would have thought I could have managed a blog entry before this but then one probably has never tried to cross the country in an extremely tiny camper filled with way too many of one’s worldly goods, two large dogs, a cat and a somewhat fractious adult daughter. Time is at a premium. Most of it is spent in the truck, trying to sort out which dog gets to be comfortable. There isn’t a lot of room in the back of the truck and the cat’s deluxe super elegant purple designer carrier – rated for all major airlines! – squooshes when 80 pounds of dogs lies on top of it, leading to even more agonized yowls. Which you wouldn’t think would be possible, given the volume and consistency of agonized yowls coming from the carrier all day long.

Okra is not having fun. She has so far managed to completely escape her harness several times, both her collars twice and the carrier one hair raising time. She slipped her harness in a Wal Mart parking lot in Tennessee and I am here to tell you that I never, ever, ever want to chase a cat around a Wal Mart parking lot again. I’m not getting back the five years that took off my life. She has a new harness now and I am hoping that will make the difference. She likes the camper, so that helps.

IMG_3812The dogs though are mostly enjoying themselves. Right now they are tied up – with very long swiveling tie outs – in this lovely Missouri campground and they are very happy. Perdita has been smiling. Her hound dog part is coming out and she is fulfilled flopped down in the dust in the sun. But they do not fit in the camper, really, and they are ready to get out early in the morning. Very early.

I am sleeping in the camper and my daughter, who is more limber, is sleeping on the bed in the back of the truck. She has to do a sort of yoga backbend thing to get in and out but she oddly seems to think that’s preferable to sleeping in the tiny camper with all the animals and the litter box and the trash can and the giant enormous mess that happens when you run out time and start just panickedly throwing random things into a tiny camper. It’s funny how much tinier Amelia has become in the last four months. Ha!

Anyway, we are enroute from Asheville to Astoria! My furniture is out there somewhere too! Or at least I hope so! We were going to go to Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone – the northern route I wanted to take on my way back last spring but yet again the weather is thwarting this plan. It’s ELEVEN with freezing rain up there already and that. . That is just not happening. So I am probably going to be retracing my steps back through Nebraska and Idaho instead. Which is OK – hey, I think we get to go to Antelope Island again! Whooo hurrah!!! – but also sad, since I really, really want to go to Yellowstone.

So far we have zoomed through Virginia – it rained – Tennessee – see above re wal mart – IMG_3736Indiana – crowded state park – Illinois – the KOA was next to a motocross track that was still racing at 2 am and Missouri, where we still are. We have been to St. Louis, where the dogs spent an evening in doggie day care while we spent it at the City Museum. St. Louis is so civilized! We dropped the dogs off at 6:00 pm, walked over to the museum, met friends and spent four hours having drinks and exploring MARVELS. That place is AMAZING. If you have never been you must go. It is like Meow Wolf but with more climbing, more slides, more views, more fishtanks, more mosaics and a goddamn ferris wheel perched on top of a ten story building in the heart of downtown St. Louis. I chickened out on the Ferris wheel – I am a huge wimp – but I did go down one (short) slide. And they serve a very IMG_3782drinkable Pinot Noir, too.

Now we are in Missouri, a lovely ex state park on the Katy Trail, taking a much needed full day off the road. My daughter is determined to get us across the country in a reasonable amount of time and so we are going at the terrifying pace of roughly 300 miles a day, on interstates. Or at least that’s the plan. So far we have not. . Quite. . Managed that. But we will! Anyway, it is awesome to be mobile again and it is awesome to be doing it with my family.


This is Babraham Lincoln. We met him when we had to get a new camper tire somewhere in good lord I have no idea Illinois. Note his giant terrifying hands. Babraham!


    1. We’re changing our route and coming right through Colorado next – damn, glad y’all are traveling for your sakes but disappointed for ours! Hope to see y’all soon somewhere though!!


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