I’m Baaaack

Caspian Tern hates me.

I’m sort of back. Backish! I promise nothing but since I ended up paying for this blog for another year (curse you, autopay, goddamnit) I decided I had better make it work for me. So I am morphing it into mostly a portfolio with, maybe, occasional blog entries here and there.

I bought my house in Astoria – the closing did happen! I moved in! I painted the living room floor blue and the walls yellow! – and after almost six months, I still love it. Although I wish I had been a bit less desperate for housing and/or a bit more of a pit bull when it came to negotiations. The house needs work and I’m broke. Big shock, I know: I have returned to my accustomed state of edge-of-dire poverty. Don’t start: I’m working. I have a job that I’m proud of: I work for a local nonprofit and we do really good things, or, well, they do and I back them up with events and publicity and communications and volunteers (hit me up if you live in Clatsop County, Oregon and want to help survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence!) Nonprofits, however, as I know from a long career in them (and I wouldn’t have it any other way) are non profitable. So if you like my pictures and you feel, as I do, that my lovely 1950 house should have a new roof, please buy a photo. They’re cheap! I will have some for sale in Astoria’s Reclamation Marketplace beginning on Monday! Or email me and I will mail you one.

Astoria from Clatsop Spit

SO! Hey! Here I am in Astoria! It is about the most beautiful place in the universe and I am incredibly lucky and happy to be here! I mean, I go to the beach several times a week. I see bald eagles and blue herons and elk and sea lions almost every day. The whole town is full of art and dive bars: it’s perfect. I am, however, mostly still in my hermitage. It’s hard to meet people when you are an introverted middle aged lady and if I was a Sim, my social would be almost at the point where I start lying on the floor and yelling incoherently. I mean, more than usual. It’s okay though because holy shit, I live here. And I am slowly starting to make some friends. It just takes time, I know, and time, I have.

At least I hope I have time, but you never know. I am still mourning the loss of my close friend Susan, who passed away suddenly on New Years Eve. We never do know and that is why I will tell you: get up off that chair. Move out! Change your life! Don’t wait to “retire!” I mean, here I am: broke in Oregon. It is worlds better or at least worlds different, than being broke in North Carolina. Susan changed her life and got to spend four blissful years in Mexico before her time was up. At 55, I have swapped out the Blue Ridge Mountains for the Oregon Coast and so I say, it can be done! It is not easy but it is worth it, I think. You get older and what you want from the world changes. You get older and it’s all too easy to let your brain turn into stone. It’s okay to change it. It’s okay to spin the wheel and turn your world upside down. I think it’s better! Out of that rut, I say!

But life is still hard and sorrow happens. I am sad, really sad, to report that I now only have one dog. Django passed away 4 weeks ago and we all miss him terribly.

That is about all I have in me today. More tomorrow, perhaps. Hopefully more portfolio pages anyway! I am taking pictures. I am making cyanotypes. I just bought a Kodak Duaflex II at the antique mall and I’m going to make it work. Onwards!

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