Hello! I am Felicity, a photographer / artist / general all purpose disillusioned existentialist socialist middle aged lady and parent of children who are now adults. You have come across the blog of my travels. In April 2017 I quit my job at a used bookstore and decided to spend a year on sabbatical, traveling! Of such things are dreams made and then, well, there’s reality, which is known to bite. Thus this great plan hit a roadblock in June when my decision to travel in a truck camper derailed.

But it got back on track! I left Asheville on October 10, 2017 and I am sitting in Pasadena, California a few days before Christmas writing this. I have learned how to tow a camper. I have learned (well, okay, sort of) to back up a camper. I have learned oh so much! And I have taken a zillion pictures. I hope you enjoy them! And this spring, as I slowly go up the Pacific coast, turn right at Vancouver and head to Yellowstone and then the Great Lakes and then, eventually, back to Asheville, I plan to take a whole lot more.

This trip is not cheap and I am not rich. If you’re enjoying this blog and you can afford it, it would be super awesome if you could kick a little cash into the coffee wine gas shower fund! You can do that right here, easy and quick and THANK YOU SO MUCH I REALLY LIKE SHOWERS THEY ARE KICKASS. Also health insurance, gasoline and campground fees. And film.

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In other funding news, would you like to buy a photograph? Send me an email and we can make that happen. Are you looking for a photographer for your event / wedding / gallery / famous photo magazine? These things too are all within the realmst of possibility through the magic of email: fliss.vert@gmail.com will get to me and thank you! Gas and showers are more expensive than one might think and we’re not even going to discuss the ridiculous amounts they seem to charge for a halfway decent cheapass red wine these days.

I also have another blog and gallery space for some of my work here. Long ago I had this blog, which is now completely inactive but seems to still exist, huh.

Anyway, nice to meet you and thank you so much!!



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