Hello! I am Felicity, a photographer / artist / general all purpose disillusioned existentialist socialist middle aged lady and parent of children who are now adults. You have come across the blog of my travels. In April 2017 I quit my job at a used bookstore and decided to spend a year on sabbatical, traveling! Of such things are dreams made and then, well, there’s reality, which is known to bite. Thus this great plan hit a roadblock when my decision to travel in a truck camper derailed. But it will soon get back on track as I find and purchase and learn to tow a small travel trailer. Gods willing and the creek don’t rise, everything will be in place for Great Adventure Part Two by mid September 2017. Meanwhile, I went to Mexico for a week in August, and things are moving, so check back in now and then.

I also have another blog and gallery space for some of my work here. Long ago I had this blog, which is now completely inactive but seems to still exist, huh.

Anyway, nice to meet you!



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